The administraton tent will be open from 9am Friday & most of Saturday in one of the spaces 41a to 44a

Happy Hour

The Shannos hospitality tent will also be in one of the same spaces near the administration tent 41a to 44a

and is the only time alcohol wll be dispensed at the rally- no evening bar this year .


The concours area is grass so please us the wooden pads provided to prevent bikes falling over

Please try to park far enough away from other bikes to allow easy access to them and park in the area appropriate for your bike

People bringing multiple bikes can leave them in the concours area before the Saturday ride if they wish


1. Closest to caravan park is at the north end of town: BP. Thunderbolts way, cnr Park st.

2. Church st middle town opp IGA Btween King & Hume st. Gloucester Tyre & Auto.

3. Church st outside Woolworths opp Bent st. Caltex

4. Church st cnr Philip st. Caltex. South end of town.

So no excuses not to have a full tank at the beginning of each ride.