BSA National Entrants,

Please note that there has been a problem with the booking system at the South Goulburn Caravan Park.
The previous managers left recently, and apparently deleted a lot of the booking details.
This only appears to affect "provisional" bookings, where no payments have been taken.

It is important that all who have made bookings confirm these with the caravan park ASAP and by email if possible.
Tell them you are part of the BSA rally and confirm your contact details and dates.

If your booking has a problem please do not abuse the current managers.
They have been dropped in the deep end with a situation which they were unaware of, and have bent over backwards to assist us since becoming aware of this.

We are working on plan to accomodate every one but we will need your patience and assistance.
If your booking is confirmed to be good and you have a spare bed available, please email me at
If you booking is no longer valid, also contact urgently with your dates and number of beds required.

Some members have offered to give up their beds to those traveling long distances, particularly if they are riding.
We will also be providing set up camping beds in an area set aside for us.
A very limited number of cabin spaces have been made available at the North Goulburn Site.

We are very sorry about any inconvienence but it is out of both our hands and those of the current managers.

Bike Beesa