Application is via pre-paid application form to be posted to the Rally Tresurer. Gate entries will attract a surcharge

To facilitate catering & regalia orders Applications should be recieved by September 8th.

We can not guarantee regalia , meals or concours catagories for applications recieved after the closing date

Applications can be made at the gate at the higher late fees and meals & reglia will be subject to availability as the event is being catered by external caterers and it is a long weekend so extra food may be difficult to get.

Concours classes will be determined according to the variety of machines listed on the prepaid forms, not on what models turn up on the day.

The application form can be viewed here


The application form can be downloaded & printed here


You can not lodge the application form on line


For those without cheque accounts payments can be made via direct deposit. If paying via this method, please include your phone number as listed on the application form as a reference so that we can